A strategy is the first step in planning. How do you handle risk?  What are your goals?  When do you want to reach them?  Our Personal Confidential Profile will help us determine the right strategy for you.

Model Portfolio

A model portfolio allows Drew Pelton Investment Services to assign your account to a specific model based on risk, volatility, and return assessments.  These models have been developed through decades of trading experience.

Money Management

Money management can be utilized by engaging an outside Money Manager, or in-house using a specific plan tailored just for you. You can also get a plan by having us use our model trading platform.

Insurance Planning

Insurance planning is often overlooked.  Ignoring or overlooking this important aspect of a financial plan can have dire consequences.  Drew Pelton Investment Services always considers proper integration of life insurance in a financial plan.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning should be performed understanding exactly where you are today financially and knowing when you want to reach your retirement goals.  Creating a workable plan to reach your future income is a key focus in retirement planning.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is not only for the wealthy. Whether you have assets to pass on when you are gone or want to start planning that legacy now, there are strategies we can employ to help you with wealth transfer.

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